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  1. srgjazz

    FS Nording Valhalla Pipe

    Up for sale is a lightly smoked Nording Valhalla Rusticated Spigot 404. $49 Shipped in the USA. PayPal please. Thanks for looking.
  2. srgjazz

    FS Gillette Slim

    Up for sale is a L1 Slim in excellent condition. 100% mechanically. Alignment, Adjustment, and Quarter Turn are spot on. Doors are shiny with no brassing anywhere. Also included is a Yaqi 24mm Synthetic. $40 Shipped CONUS. PayPal Please.
  3. srgjazz

    WTB Savile Row 18mm

    Looking to buy a Savile Row 18mm Silvertip 3118 or 3318
  4. srgjazz

    FS Savinelli Standing 626 Pipe

    Up for sale is a very lightly smoked Savinelli Standing 626 Bent Apple in perfect shape. Rusticated with an Acrylic Stem. Takes a 6mm filter but smokes great without it. $68 Shipped Priority in the USA via PayPal.
  5. srgjazz

    FS Briarworks Pipe

    Up for sale is a Briarworks C22 Billiard. Very lightly used. About the same size as a Dunhill LB. Goes for $110 new. Selling for $65 including USA shipping.
  6. srgjazz

    Peterson System Pipe

    Thinking about getting one with the Plip stem. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  7. srgjazz

    FS Savenelli and Bones

    Selling as a lot two lightly smoked pipes. First is a Savenelli III 320. Next is a Morgan Bones Lovat. Priced for a quick sale at $50 for the pair Shipped in the US. PayPal fees included. [
  8. srgjazz

    Drucquers Tobacco

    Anyone out the tried these blends? Blairgowrie looks interesting.
  9. srgjazz

    New Bones Drop

    New Bones just dropped. I picked up a Lovat.
  10. srgjazz

    FS Chacom Pipe

    Up for sale is a lightly used Chacom Reyburt Bent Dublin Sitter. Easily passes a pipe cleaner. These retail for around $70. Selling for $40 including USA shipping.
  11. srgjazz

    FS Morgan Bones Pipes

    Up for sale as a lot are 2 very nice Bones Pipes. Shapes are the desirable Stubby Anse and Zuludog. These smoke great with no issues. PAD causes me to make room in my small space. These go for $39 each plus shipping when available. I am selling them as a pair for $49 including fees and shipping...
  12. srgjazz

    Billy Budd

    Any of you it there tried this blend? Since my go to is Balkan Supreme, thought I might give it a try. My B&M has curbside pickup and they sell it in bulk.
  13. srgjazz

    OMS Pipes

    Got my eye on one of these. Anyone out there have any experience with them? Thanks
  14. srgjazz

    Moonshine Devil Dog

    This pipe has caught my eye and am thinking about getting one in the Leather Blast. Appreciate any input from those who have one. Also have my eye on a Morgan Blackjack for around the same money. Thanks
  15. srgjazz

    Flake Preparation Method

    Getting ready to try some Luxury Navy Flake. I see that in can be rubbed out, folded, or rolled and stuffed. Which method do you recommend? Thanks
  16. srgjazz

    Chris Morgan Pipes

    Thinking about getting a Morgan Bones and/or a Morgan Blackjack Pipe. Please let me know if I am on the right track or if there are other/better options. Thanks
  17. srgjazz

    FS Vaer S5 Field Watch

    Up for sale is a Vaer S5 Field Watch in perfect condition. It comes with 2 NATO nylon straps. This watch is 100% waterproof and has a screw down crown. Quartz movement keeps great time. It is 40mm which is just a bit too big for me. This watch sells for $139 new. Sometimes there are discounts to...
  18. srgjazz

    Pipe Tobacco Help

    Thinking about picking up a Cob and/or a Bones Pipe. Looking for some tobacco recommendations. The cigars I like are typically Connecticut Broadleaf like the Liga number 9 and Chateau Fuente Maduro. Looking for a full flavor and body with a pleasant room note. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  19. srgjazz

    FSOT TAOS R89 + R41 Head

    FSOT is a Muhle R89 made for The Art of Shaving. The handle is vertically lined akin to an EJ. Also included is an R41 Head I purchased separately from Maggards. Everything is in excellent shape with no issues whatsoever. Selling for $35 Shipped Conus/PayPal or will trade for a Gillette Slim...
  20. srgjazz


    Looking for an APSHAVECO Gelousy Brush. Either 22 or 24mm. Thought I would try here before ordering a new one and waiting for shipping from Canada.
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