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  1. sternej

    Pre de Provence No.63

    I'll check this out. The No. 63 balm is my favorite post shave product. The bath soap is a bit odd; smells like Play-doh to me. Someone has a job where they signed off on that fragrance
  2. sternej

    Sandalwood: The most meaningless word in wetshaving?

    To each his own nose I guess. I find TofOBS tub cream to be the most faithful Sandalwood scent. To me Proraso Red soap smells mostly like cinnamon. I hated the Proraso cc Sandalwood after shave at first but it's really grown on me.
  3. sternej

    In Praise of "Beach" Scents

    Don't forget the classic Nautica 'Blue'.
  4. sternej

    Desert Boots

    I always get the Clarks with the synthetic sole. Crepe rubber is really expensive so north of $140 for a casual shoe, I can't go for that.
  5. sternej

    Back in August I Kicked a Twig down the road...

    So you have to break a DE blade in half to use it? How does that go?
  6. sternej

    Do you shave in the shower?

    100% with you bro!
  7. sternej

    Are shaving soaps really slicker than creams?

    Or in the absence of gasoline, For an aftershave you can use chiseled Face Midnight Stag
  8. sternej

    Ditching the Bowl

    Nope, no face Lathering for me. When I'm really rushed I might use lucky Tiger Liquid shave or there's a cream by Reuzul. Those can be toweled off don't even have to rinse. But the joy of bowl Lathering is one of my favorite parts of wet shaving
  9. sternej

    Do you shave in the shower?

    I don't want to judge anybody. Being a boy scout leader for years, and teaching conservation. I have a mental block on the concept of shower shaving. Such a waste of water to me. My showers are like three minutes, two or three times a week.
  10. sternej

    Need to rethink the Pass 3 idea?

    I shave every day. I cut out the third pass a while ago
  11. sternej

    To Stretch or not to Stretch

    You get older, like over 55 or so, you'll find stretching around the chin and neck helps a lot. I use air pressure around the mouth and cheeks too
  12. sternej

    Looking for volunteers - new scent!

    I'd be in don't know we don't see more almond scents
  13. sternej

    Chiseled Face Aftershaves. Thoughts?

    So I just got some Midnight Stag. Kind of a novelty scent. A Bro scent you might wear to a bachelor party or hanging out drinking. It smells like ash or more accurately like you've been hanging around a campfire, one where the fuel is burning tires 😆. If you can find a woman who likes this...
  14. sternej

    Opinions on Arko Scent?

    It's off putting at first. But when you get used to it it's like lennon and Ivory soap..So it's a clean smell. Not bad really. Some things smell obnoxious. This isn't one of them. Cremo "Lathering Shave Cream" (Sandalwood) comes to mind. If your a certain age and went with your lady in the 80's...
  15. sternej

    My New Pocket Pen

    So cool! Looks like a razor handle
  16. sternej

    Cold water shaving

    Tried a compromise CW shave today. Face washed with tepid water, lather was warm. Between stroke blades rinses were cold. Seemed smooth. No irritation. Will repeat
  17. sternej

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Yes. Whole thing shot on an I Phone 7. 'That' is incredible. Would not have known that
  18. sternej

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    BTW. It was free content on US Amazon Prime
  19. sternej

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    "UNSANE" from Director Steven Soderbergh. It's a psychological horror film. It was really disturbing and very much a Horror film, which is surprising for Soderbergh. A young woman moves to another city because she's being stalked. She tells her story to a sympathetic therapist who just has her...
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