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    Alice in wonderland fountain pen at target?

    Anyone else buy the alice in wonderland fountain pen at target? it comes with 4 cartridges filled with cheap blue ink that will also fit MUJI pens. $5.99 @ TARGET they have a purple one with alice in wonderland art, and a solid black one. I purchased one of each, the black one for myself...
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    William's Mug Shave soap, to wash face?

    Anyone else buy a shave soap just to wash your face? I picked up this practice after getting tired of using oil ridden, lotion ridden face wash and picked up 2 pucks of Williams mug for $1 a piece at a local grocery store and wash my face with it. marble canister, lather, with a badger hair...
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    are these blades "persona reds" ?

    having a hard time identifying persona blades since they make so many blades. even the blades i used for my floor scrapper to flooring remove vinyl before i tiled my laundry room! anyways here they are: they come in this plastic case with a "used blade" holder on the back which i've heard...
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    New to saftey razors, vintage or new?

    Hey guys, i've been meaning to get into this for awhile, problem was when this style of shaving got real popular with the "art of shaving" brand coming into the mainstream the closest store was in vegas, so i mostly ignored it. I took note that someone locally opened up a startup company thats...