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  1. Gafer

    Attention Austin shavers ~ Musgo Real is available at Central Market South!

    Just wanted to let the Austin Texas gang know that just a week ago I found Musgo Real at Central Market South. They had the shave cream, bar soap, shave balm, and aftershave. Prices are reasonable. I picked up a tube of cream for $12.99. Great stuff if you've not tried it yet.
  2. Gafer

    Some things I "learned" that weren't true.

    This site provides a wealth of information but let me share some things that I "learned" here only to find out they weren't true for me: 1) You must rinse your face between each pass. This simply isn't true. In fact, if you rinse your face between passes and you don't wipe the excess...
  3. Gafer

    Burning face? It just might be your brush.

    So, I've been at this wet shaving deal for a few years now and made a discovery of sorts that I wanted to share with you noobs. You see, when I started wet shaving I was using a cheap "best badger" brush with trimmed ends that was really scratchy. After shaving, my face would often burn all...
  4. Gafer

    No more Tony Miller Strops what now?

    I'm looking to upgrade my strop and apparently I showed up too late to the party to pick up a legendary Tony Miller strop so what now? Is RupRazor the best option? If so, El Toro or spring for the Paladin? What's the difference between the 1 & 2 D-Ring handle options? I don't get it. I'm...
  5. Gafer

    Unlucky 13

    Ok, so today was my 13th shave with a straight. I'm slowly working my way up and still crutching off my DE to do the ATG work. Today, I'm making one last stroke XTG and I cut an inch long gash in my left cheek! Bled like hell. Even sliced off a flap of skin! Up to that point everything was going...
  6. Gafer

    Pimp My Slant

    So I've had one of the Vintage Merkur Slants from chessman for about a year now. I've never really liked the "pencil thin" handle compared to the modern Merkur HD slant or the vintage Hoffritz. So yesterday my kid comes home with a rubber grip for her pencil and I got to thinking...why not...
  7. Gafer

    GAFer hits 1000 posts

    Ok, I'm patting myself on the back for hitting my 1,000th post. I know that's not a lot compared to others around here but I have been hanging out here for the past three years, mostly listening and trying to reserve my posts to more than just 1,000 "+1" posts. I'm coming up on my three year...
  8. Gafer

    My new netbook!

    Ok, I broke down and bought a Gateway netbook from Bestbuy on Sunday for $230 and am I so impressed! I'm using it right now to post this while streaming BobFM on my headphones. I'm old enough to remember the original IBM PC so this is like using Alien Technology compared to what we had back...
  9. Gafer

    Can't believe the price for Fushion blades

    Ok, I know we've talked to death the price for new Fusion blades but since I've never actually bought any I didn't give it much thought. Well, today I picked up a four pack of blades to send to a soldier in Iraq (He asked for them). $13.50 for a pack of four blades????:scared: Holy Cow! That's...
  10. Gafer

    Gold Gem?

    I'm not one to usually put up with posts about stuff found on eBay but look at this :eek: Wow but that's cool!
  11. Gafer

    TOBS Synthetic

    The new TOBS Synthetic brush is now available on their website: Unlike the "Imitation Badger" brushes that were not pure synthetic it looks like this one is. At the current exchange it comes to around $65 shipped...
  12. Gafer

    Need Taylors B13 Synthetic Brush Stats

    Anybody have Taylors B13 Synthetic brush they can measure for me or know where I can find the stats on one? Taylors website is very lacking in details that I can find. So far I've deduced from what little info I can find that the loft is 55mm, handle height is 55mm, total brush height 110 mm...
  13. Gafer

    Cleaning up spilt cologne

    Ok, I dropped and broke an entire 3 oz bottle of Burberry Brit on my bathroom ceramic tile floor. I mopped it up with vinegar diluted with water but the bathroom still smells like a sailor on shore leave! Anyone have any experience with removing cologne smell from a ceramic tile floor? I...
  14. Gafer

    Wet shaving has ruined me.

    Someone please explain how this happened. I shaved every damn day for the last nearly 20 years with a Schick Slim Twin and Edge gel. I might have tried a Gillette Sensor (Twin blade) but variety of shaving was not in the equation. Fast forward to now and I'm obsessive about my shaves. Each...
  15. Gafer


    All I can do on this one is run to the end of my chain and bark. That's one fine razor!
  16. Gafer

    Michael is Method Shaving?

    Oh crap batman, Michael has taken up Method Shaving!:eek: Read about it here: I'm screwed now! It's one thing when a few really experienced super pro wet shavers are out there touting Method Shaving but when LeisureGuy steps up to the...
  17. Gafer

    There's something in the water

    For the past two weeks I've been staying, and shaving, at my parents house while they've been out of town. While my folks don't have a water softener I have noticed that their water is softer than mine at my home. That said, these past two weeks I've been getting these amazing BBS shaves with...
  18. Gafer

    Counterfeit Feather Blades?

    So I’ve been buying Feather blades from a local shop and decided to save some money and bought some from Cotton Blossom Crafts. I discovered this week that the ones from Cotton Blossom are completely different. They don’t seem nearly as sharp, don’t last as long and generally give me a poor...
  19. Gafer

    Norman's Shaving Mug

    Anybody familiar with this product? Looks interesting except I'm not wild about lathering on top of my soap. $25.95 with shipping seems a little steep too but if it gave you a good clean way to travel with shaving soap it might be worth it.
  20. Gafer

    Olive Oil Soap

    I know there are a lot of olive oil soaps out there on the market but if you haven't tried one you must. I discovered olive oil soap this past winter when my skin was so dry it burned. I picked up a bar of Austin Natural Soap's Olive Oil Soap at Whole foods and my skin has never felt better. I...