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    Need a New 8K

    Hello All I never thought it would but it happened to me. My Naniwa Snow White has begun to craze and crack and I’m looking for a different stone to replace it with. I use it to set up for my finisher sometimes but it gets used most often as a lead in to any sort of testing using tomo nagura...
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    Simpson’s Astor

    Has anyone tried a Simpsons Astor? I’ve been shopping around for a brush of similar dimensions that would excel at lifting hard soaps that isn’t a lather hog. Wondering if this might be a good fit.
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    Various Horse Leather

    Hello All So I understand that cordovan is a tanning process and that shell is a cut of leather from the horse rump and that Horween is a tannery, but...... what is the difference between horse hide and horse Butt? is Horse hide just a generic term for any horse leather or is it a specific...
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    Nicks on my strops

    hello all I have been having a problem with nicking my strops and was wondering who else this is happening to. I am right handed and the heaviest ones appear on the lower right hand side but also - though lighter - on the upper left hand side. And in both places they peel away from the center...
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    Strop thickness

    Hello All Can anyone illuminate for me the performance benefits/drawbacks (excluding durability) relative to thickness versus thinness of stropping leather? That is my macro question. Now for my micro question. Do the thick Kanoyama strops perform any differently from the thin one?