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  1. Ron Scott

    Stuff you got sick of?

    I've minimalized most of this thing but still have a number of items I use once/twice a year, mostly because I got sick of them. The Prosaso green and Classic Musgo Real *** are certainly in the back of the shelf, and my father-in-law's vintage Hoffritz travel slant sits in the medicine cabinet...
  2. Ron Scott

    Is minimalism ever trending?

    Just wondering if the KISS approach ever gets "in". One razor, one brush, one soap, one blade type, one splash? Or is buying out the store still the thing. I'm working toward it, not there yet.
  3. Ron Scott


    I essentially use 2 "blades" these days: 80% Personna Meds and 20% Feathers. Both shave fine, 2 passes to BBS or thereabouts. In general the Meds are smooth and long lasting while the Feathers have a sharper/harsher feel and seem to wear out faster. But I find a significant variance among...
  4. Ron Scott

    What, if anything, do you "rotate"

    I do not rotate anything, although I will switch among a few razors and after shaves in no particular order. There was a guy here a while ago who would try never to duplicate a complete sequence of soaps, razors, blades, etc., and had some kind of system of keeping track of everything. I guess...
  5. Ron Scott

    Futura vs. Mach 3

    An odd faceoff? Maybe, but my Futura is my least favorite shaver (got 7 DEs) and I only use the Mach 3 when I travel so I thought what the hell... I shaved for 6 days alternating them and the Mach 3 won. Why? Probably for the same reasons I don't rate the Futura highly (bad under the nose and...
  6. Ron Scott

    How often do you use yur slant?

    My vintage Hoffritz is on the job again but not part of the regular rotation. It's cool, not sayin that, but it underwhelms too, especially with the Gillettes and the few new-age things I've got. I often wonder why they went down that design road in the first place...
  7. Ron Scott

    Boar better with a few days growth?

    Seems to get in there and lather up better for me. You?
  8. Ron Scott

    Futur: State of Art Technology?

    Just bought one and it's certainly nice, but I'm wondering if it compares from a tech perspective with a fatboy or slim et al. What do you think?
  9. Ron Scott


    A long time ago I bought 200 Personna Med blades, 100 Feathers and a few vintage and modern razors. I also inherited a Hoffritz slant and I now have a lot of experience with my small collection. Regardless of the blade, razor, or blade-razor combination I get BBS or damn close to it in 3...
  10. Ron Scott

    Looking for Chrome or Nickel Stand for 2-3 Standard DE Razors

    Seems like it would be easy to find, but most are specialized to some extent (won't fit one or more types of razors) and are designed for a brush and razor. I'm looking to hang a DE89 and a couple vintage Gillettes. Thanks in advance...
  11. Ron Scott

    Who never really got into the RAD thing?

    I haven't. I maintain 2 residences and have a couple razors in each, couple brushes and a modest supply of blades (Personna Meds only) and software. I got on a kick when I first started of trying different aftershaves so I do have 6-7 bottles, but I reach for Dominica Bay Rum 80% of the time...
  12. Ron Scott

    Brush and DE Stand

    Looking for a heavy, good quality stand that can hold a regular DE and either a Simpsons Classic 2 or a Duke 3, hanging by the handle, brush side down. Any ideas?
  13. Ron Scott

    Eliminating passes

    As a daily shaver I mindlessly move through my 3-pass shave with little variance from ones day to the next. But today was different. I'd shaved around 1PM yesterday, getting a late Mothers Day start and didn't have my usual growth this morning. So I got to BBS in one pass and hung up my brush...
  14. Ron Scott

    My take on so-called "Aggressive" equipment

  15. Ron Scott

    So are the cartridge guys getting the better blades?

    I'm hooked on DE but a buddy made me think the other day when he commented that he routinely gets "a couple months give or take" on his cart. Jeze, some guys on this board can't get more than one shave on a DE blade! What gives?
  16. Ron Scott

    Another vintage bottle joins the team: Any bottle historians out there?

    Picked up another vintage Ed Pinaud bottle, this time from the New York location (northwest corner of 14th and 5th: "The Ed Pinaud Building"), a couple blocks from my place on 16th street. A 4 ounce battle. Give me glass or give me death. Can anyone date this bad boy?
  17. Ron Scott

    Old School: The Bowery in NYC, 1935

    Who disconnected the DELETE button??
  18. Ron Scott

    I'm done with Clubman

    I really liked it for awhile but after sticking with a general rotation of bay rum and vintage Old Spice for a few months it smelled awful to me when I went back. Well...the goal IS minimalism, so this is actually a good thing in my book. Weird though, how I could like it so such at one point...
  19. Ron Scott

    Musgo Real and GLYCE

    Anyone know the difference between them (branding and packaging) and why my Musgo Real Citrus round bar is stamped "GLYCE" on the bar?