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ZIRH Shave Cream

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This is my very first review, so Ill try to do my best here. I didnt see a review for this cream so, I thought I give it one.

Price I paid around $22 for my jar of ZIRH at the mall at a store called Sephora in the mens section.

Quality I cant say enough about this cream. Out of the jar it's a nice thick cream that is very smooth.

Scent Smells great! It has a nice "wake up cool" smell to it. Not to strong at all.

Latherablilty This cream really isnt made for a brush. However I still soak my brush in the mug with hot water and dip it right into the jar of ZIRH. When I apply it to my face the hot water and the brush gives me a really nice warm (but the cream feels very cool to my skin) feeling on my face. It's a very nice combo of warm and cool on my face at the same time. I also get a really nice layer of lather that just feels great!

Efficacy This product works and if you have sensative skin like I do then you really should try this out.

Moisturizing Properties This cream used with the right amount of water gives me nice feeling and keeps my face moist during my entire shave.

Packaging Looks good to me. Nice jar that stacks well with the other creams I have.

Overall For me, I love this cream. I can't say enough about how it helps my sensative skin. The cool feeling I get when I'm done with my shave is great and when I give my face a splash of cool water it feels even better.

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I am not a cream guy by any means but this is my favorite cream to use.

Even though it is intended to be brushless, I still use my brush and love the slickness it gives me.

It is a bit expensive ($22.50 at sephora) but I love the smell, glide, after effects.

It takes some getting used to the cold feeling that the cream gives you but the shave was so good I didn't even mind it.
I have experienced a breakthrough! As a newbie I was thinking I was doing something wrong in not being able to whip up a lather with this cream. But the suggestion of dabbing the brush in the cream to apply is right on. Plus it make the process so much quicker. Had my first nick-free shave and was brave enough to complete 3 passes. From Zirh-o to hero in 4 shaves!
I put sufficient prep time into this shave, as I do with all others. I was incredibly disappointed. Not only was the shave extremely tough for me, my face was dry afterward (and I have oily skin). The ingredients are less than spectacular, and at 22.50, I fail to see the logic behind the price. For 2 dollars less, a cream like Barc absolutely dwarfs this Zirh stuff. My guess is that if you are spending over 20 dollars for shave cream, you want quality products. I do not recommend this one at all.
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