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A cheap and cheerful boar brush, small enough for travel use and too cheap to worry about loosing. For the money well put together with little in the way of hair loss. Quite funky animal smell but goes after five to ten shaves. Good with soaps and thick creams.

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Pros: Great travel brush, easy lathering
Cons: Animal smell, small for some
Got one of these a few as ago to use with a comically small shaving bowl.
Worked very well with the soaps I have; Arko stick, Palmolive cream & Erasmic shaving soap.
Some may find the animal smell lingers, but this soon dies down with use. If you have large hands, this may not be for you. However, for a good honest, workhorse brush that will fit comfortably in a travel kit for those on a budget.
This could well be the one
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