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Woody's meat and potato bar soap

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INGREDIENTS: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Oleate, Lodium Laurath, Sodium Cocate, Aloe Vera Gel, Water, Glycerin, Fragrance, Cedarwood Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Sodium Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cannabis Sativa Seed oil, Shea Butter, Tetrasodium EDTA, Teat Tree Leaf Oil, Iron Oxides, Yellow 10, Red 33.

Price: As a bath soap it is on par with the famous Porto Claus soaps (same weight as well; 12oz - 340g), but as a shaving soap it is damn cheap. You get it online for between $7-$11 and for the people in Europe, I ordered it from a Dutch online shop for €8.95.

Quality: It is the most moisterizing bath soap I used till today (I have yet to try Porto Claus which is about to be delivered) and make no mistake here, what they say on the site that you can use it as well as a shaving soap is more than true allthough I was sceptical at first.

Scent: I have the ASB of Woody's (review here), the shampoo, gel and this soap bar and they all smell the same so you don't have a mix of scents when you leave the bathroom.
The scent is citrusy and woody. My wife describes it as just manly.

Lather: It was when I first took a shower with this soap that I was already impressed about how easy it was to get lots of lather to wash myself (even more than a bar from Dove which probably everybody knows) and I was eager to try this for shaving.
A few swirls, dip the head a bit in the water and I started face lathering. Amazing how quick I got a dense, creamy and thick lather.
As always I leave the lather for 2-3 mins and the lather didn't vanish or dried out. (this is where L'Occitane fails miserably for me)
The shave was with a new Feather blade (my reference for testing soaps) and the shave was just fantastic. It seems that is soap is able to combine the positive things from soaps and creams. It provided a good cushion against the Feather blade and it was slick at the same time (with some soaps this seems to be mutually exclusive).
I always let the lather build up on the razor as I shave and when I rinse in a bucket of water, the lather must float on the water like a good cream in a cappucino (this is for me also a good indication about the quality of the lather). And this is exactly what it did!

Efficacy: Well, you can use this soap as a bath soap, as a shaving soap (try it really!) and according to the site also as a shampoo. I haven't done the last yet, but I could see me doing this on a trip for example. Now this is what I call an efficient allround soap!

Moisterizing: Are you kidding? You checked the ingredients did you?
As I mentioned before, it is the most moisterizing soap I encountered as a bath soap and now as a shaving soap.
Normally I use a splash (Proraso or one of the Italian Floïds) after the shave (or a balm during winter), but now I use nothing at all. The skin just feels good as it is and I want the scent to linger a bit.

Final Note: I grated half of the bar with a cheese grater, but this was kind of a mess allthough I did this with a tallow based stick before (Euro Palmolive).
It seems that this bar is full of oily ingredients and when the cat is coming by to see what you are doing you can imagine that some hairs are now included. :smile:
So, next time I will melt it very carefully (au bain marie).
And when I see the opportunity, I will provide some pictures.

Update: I promised some pictures so here they are.

View attachment 49782

Above: My setup. An adjustable loaded with Feather. A simple Wilkinson brush wich I inherited from my dad and is getting too thin (just enough to load for one pass but since I face lather, this is no problem). I devided the soap. One part I grated and with the other I shower.

View attachment 49784

Above: Only after 1 minute. Look how thick and creamy this lather is. Not airy or runny at all.

View attachment 49785

Above: The lather on my arm.

View attachment 49786

Above: After squeezing out the remaining out of the brush. A good steady mountain of lather.

View attachment 49787

Above: This is the lather I squeezed out before and putted on top of a bowl with hot water. It really does look like a nice cream in a cappucino doesn't it?

This review is getting lengthy, so I'll stop here. :thumbup1:

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Ok. So I like this soap for showering. I enjoy the scent very much and I would agree it is a citrusy/woodsy aroma. As a shower soap it is very moisturizing and lathers pretty well. The bar is humongous and should last until the next olympics, or at least a while. Now, I hacked off a chunk and grated it into a bowl and figured I'd give it a shave try and see whats what. The verdict: eh. While it was not awful I did not think it was anywhere near what I get with the normal shaving soap (glycerin or otherwise). When I first lathered it up it seemed to go well and I had no trouble whipping it up, but I noticed that it does break down rather quickly and the lather is more the bubbly type than thick and creamy. I'll try it a few more times, but I'm not in a hurry. What I missed the most in a shave with this soap was a nice cushion. The soap is fairly slick and the scent stayed nice, but the shave was a bit rough (no injuries though). Anyway, I would definitely NOT recommend this soap for shaving, but would HIGHLY recommend it for showering, face washing, etc. The numbers I rated this soap for are based on shaving since this product review is here, but I feel this review should be in another area.
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Nationwide Beauty Supply is selling it for $5.98 per 12 oz. bar. Shipping is around $10 so you will need to order a bunch to keep the per bar cost reasonable. Doug Rosso
Everything sounds great to try this out, but I'm hesitant after reading that one of its ingredients is Cannabis Sativa Seed oil. I'd rather not risk it having showed up in one of my work's random urinalysis.

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