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Wildroot Cream-Oil Hair Groom

Awesome! I've been meaning to write a review for Wildroot for a while now but just hadn't got to it. Good to see there's one now.

I've used Wildroot daily for around a year. The stuff is fantastic. It gives you the old school perfectly groomed look, but it's not as thick or greasy as Brylcreem. It's consistency is a thin lotion. In fact, I modified my bottle by replacing the cap with a lotion pump top. It screws on to the bottle perfectly and dispenses Wildroot quickly and easily in the morning. Most other traditional male hair grooms are too thick to do this and must be squeezed out of a tube.

It has lanolin in it and is very moisturizing to my thick, dry hair. It tames all fly-aways and leaves my hair clean looking all day. It has oil in it and gives a subtle but definite shine. I call it the "dry wet look." Your hair doesn't look greasy or weighed down but it still looks shiney and sleek, even after re-brushing. The thicker hair grooms tend to weigh down hair and the wet look is too obvious. The scent is good and very subtle. It's a basic well-groomed scent, kind of like a mix of sun tan lotion and hair cut talc. No one can smell it around you.

After trying about every hair groom out there I decided that this works best for my hair. For the final touch I run a military hair brush through to smooth everything over. I wear a side part and it looks great. I get comments on my hair all the time. One more tip is it works best if applied when your hair is still a bit damp. I agree with the comparison that it gives your hair a Cary Grant type look. It's available at all Walgreen's for about $6 per bottle which will last probably around 3-4 months with a small dab used everyday. The only thing I don't like about this product is that I worry it will eventually get discontinued.
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Want that Mad Men Look?? Here's your product guys. I recently went back to a 1950's businesman cut with the sharp side part for a friends 1950's wedding.
I have been using it in my hair for 3 straight weeks and now my hair is really soft. What I like most about it is it does not weight the hair down like a heavy product, but it still imparts a classic slicked down look and has a firm hold- think Clark Gable, Cary Grant. This is an excellent product for the Clean Cut side part. It stays in your hair all day and you can recomb it and still have a nice shine and hold. Guys, don't be afraid to try it - our dads and grand-dads used it for obvious reasons: it makes your hair look good."
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