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A very nice shavette from Creative Edge. It has a premium feel when realising that the wooden handle is handmade and it has been well polished with attention to detail and there is a screw as the pivot pin to adjust how the shavette folds.

It uses the butterfly blade holding mechanism with laser written Creative Edge London logo on the clasp. The point and edge are very firm and the blade will not fall off even if the clasp is open. The tang is long enough for my little finger. In addition the wooden handle gives a good balance to the razor.

Talking about balance, comparing it to my other shavettes, it is a little bit heavier than a good plastic handle but light enough for good grip and control. Being able to tighten the folding mechanism will prevent the newbies from accidental cuts due to handle moving during their shaves.

One handed shavers will find it less difficult to shave with it due to the balance and weight distribution of the handle and the shank . Ambidextrous shavers like me will find that it very proportionate due to its short shoulder and shank which give good handling even when switching hands.

The negative side though is that even if it has a premium feel it is not a well known brand as it is a starter company which manufactures them, leaving people unaware of its good quality and value for money.

On the other hand it comes with an artificial leather pouch with the logo written on it (not too big), 2 packs of Gillette 7 o’clock Sharp Edge (Yellow) DE blades and the lovely shavette itself is shiny and well polished.

It is good to know that depending on where you buy; the shipping can be a bit expensive but it’s worth it all the way. Considering the fact that this shavette comes with Gillette Sharp Edge (best of its line up), with a pouch for travel and the shavette’s design and feel itself;

I would recommend this shavette to everyone from newbies to the most experienced ones.

“This shavette is a real value for your money and will surely become your favourite!”

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