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Wahl Traditional Barber's Shaving Cream

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I haven't used this product since I took up DE shaving, but when I did use it on my old Gillette Mach 3 I found it to be a fantastic product. Everyone I turned on to it also agreed.

Terrific coconut smell (strong than say Trumpers), with wonderful efficacy and gives a very close shave. It would be no problem to get as BBS smooth shave out of this with a DE razor.

I will re-review once I get through the other creams I've got on the shelf, but I'd been keen to hear others' experience in the meantime.

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Pros: don't need a lot of this product to get a thick lubricious lather enough for 3+ passes, smells great, nice old school label, lid gives a good tight seal
Cons: none really
to date I have mainly used shave sticks (aussie + euro palmolive, arko) or tube creams (aussie palmolive, Fauldings), this Wahl's product is the dearest cream I have used. I bought it from Shaver Shop at Castle Towers in Sydney. price was $12.85 for 250gm tub (from memory the 550gm tub was $18.95) - on ebay it's about $30AUD for 550gm including postage. based on the 250gm price from Shaver Shop compared to say Arko sticks which are about $2 delivered (from o/seas) the cream is about double the price - and worth every penny!

price - not overly expensive considering you don't have to use very much to get an outstanding lather. it is a bit more expensive than the other soaps and creams I have been using but the creamy lather, great shave and economical nature of this cream make it great value for money. there is no doubt this is much better quality than the majority of shave creams and soaps.

quality - I had a fantastic shave with my first try of this cream. I wet my synthetic brush and did twenty revolutions on the surface of the cream and then face lathered. the resultant lather was thick, creamy, moist, foamy - all the things you expect in a good lather. I shaved with a Derby that had been used twice previously, the razor was a Progress 510 set about 1.5, I had two days growth. the result was my smoothest and closest shave ever, my top lip was bbs for at least 15 hours and my two pass neck remained smooth for just as long.

scent - not overpowering, just a mild (old school) barbershop-type fragrance. I can't smell any coconut oil or anything else dominant in the aroma, it's just a mild soapy pleasant smell, not strong like some others.

latherability - as mentioned already this lathers up really well and very easily, highly recommended for newbie latherers or those struggling with their lather. contains palm oil, glycerin, coconut oil, soybean oil (just to name a few items) so no surprise it produces a slick smooth lather without too much work. does not dry out quickly so you can take your time with your passes and get a great shave.

efficacy - product does what it sets out to achieve, produces a great moist lather that gives the razor a lubricious cushiony lather induce to great shaving action! I had no rash or burn and the 'problem area' around my mouth was the smoothest is has been since I started shaving 30-something years ago.

moisturising - my face was not dry or rough post shave, it was actually soft and smooth, almost slippery

packaging - it's a plastic tub with a sturdy screw top lid, not much more to say about it. labelling is painted on, it's not a sticker and survived me giving it a bit of a thumbnail scrubbing so it should outlast the contents. red, white and blue ink, font is big enough to read, has a red and white barber pole painted on it, looks nice. the empty container could easily be re-used for pucking a stick into.

overall, this product is a solid ten. makes a great lather without using a huge amount of product resulting in a smooth comfortable shave. my first shave with Wahl's Traditional Barber's Shave Cream was the closest smoothest shave I have ever had. great value for money - highly recommended!!!
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