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Villa Rioja's Cedarwood Clove Shave Soap

A clay-slickened shave soap, handmade with excellent quality. A true lucky find.

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I discovered Villa Rioja at an Arts and Crafts festival in Georgia last weekend. If you're looking for a shave soap that has great slickness, creates a wonderful barrier between blade and skin, and has a great scent without being overpowering, these guys have your number. Also, it's $6/puck.

Three scents were available when I went shopping (shave soap is a relatively new product line for them): Tea Tree, Coconut Lime Verbena, and Cedarwood and Clove. I purchased the Cedarwood and Clove.

The lather seemed to be very thin to begin with...I'm a Proraso guy most of the time so I'm used to a thick lather that forms easily with very little water. The perceived thinness of the lather turned out to not be an issue at all—this stuff is SLICK. The clay they use does its job very well. It also didn't leave my skin feeling dry post-shave at all.

The scent is pleasant and noticeable but not overpowering at all. It's strong immediately following usage, but tapers off as the day goes on, leaving just enough to know its there. It paired very well with my Clubman aftershave.

I heartily recommend giving this small business a look. You won't find them on Amazon or in a mall somewhere, but don't be fooled. These guys are good.


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