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Very Old, Traditional Japanese Straight Razor....



I scored this beauty on ebay... and I have purchased a few Japanese Razors off of ebay, and thus far the rest of them arrived in miserable, unusable/unrestorable condition. I finally lucked out with this pearl and got a really, REALLY old one in just superlative condition (for it's age) and had it "re-twined." After a very difficult battle honing this thing (it was a MASSIVE bear to hone) I was able to get the SHARPEST edge of ANY razor I have experienced PERIOD with my Shapton 30K. Not sure what kind of steel this is, who made it, and so on and so forth, but this this absolutely redefines "scary sharp" and to me, this is significantly sharper than a feather blade. EVERY time I touch this razor to my face, I have to do so with the UTMOST care or as you touch it to your face an take a stroke, it will literally peel off your face like a carrot peeler to a carrot. Hover this over your skin however (literally, the blade doesn't even touch your face) and you are rewarded with one of the most interesting shaving experiences possible. I mean this sucker just wisps hair off of your face with NO sound and NO feeling and if you are light BEYOND light to the touch, it will reward you with zero, and I mean ZERO irritation, redness, etc.

Close up of both sides of the blade....


Although this razor is exceptionally tricky to use, and use properly, it is a really blast to use, and the level of "zen" like concentration required to execute a proper shave is really on another level, and the maneuverability, the feel, the history and the experience is really something exceptional, fun and different. While these aren't for everyone, and they are small/tricky/dangerous - I have a big ole soft spot for this razor... and if really hard pressed to choose, I might call this my favorite razor in my collection. Really just a cool razor, and although I doubt you fellas will be able to find another, I just wanted to share this neat little razor with you all. :smile:


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