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Vera Wang For Men

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I picked up a sample of this Edt the other day and I'm thinking of buying a bottle. My wife thinks Vera Wang is extremely cool so I was intrigued when I saw that she had a mens fragrance. I was very much attracted to the bottle, sleek, minimalist, nice lines. I like the amber color of the cologne as well. It will look good sitting on my armoire.

This is the official marketing description of the scent:

"This passionate fragrance starts off with top notes of fresh green mandarin leaf and crisp yuzu zest. Warm and sensual nutmeg, leather and anise create depth, and a warm blend of sandalwood and tobacco finishes off this refined and unforgettable scent."

I am horrible at detecting these individual smells, but I did sense a bit of oriental citrus in the top notes and a nice woodsy smell at the bottom end, not terribly complex, but a very warm masuline smell , refined and understated. It is a very subtle fragrance with not a lot of staying power. I put on a nice bit of it and by afternoon it had faded. I actually like a subtleness of the scent however. I don't think fragrances should "turn heads". Its an up close and personal thing. Anyway, I digress. Its a great Edt and I will buy it. Its about $40 to $50 for 3oz, a bit on the pricey side, but I think worth it.

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Vera Wang for men just doesn't do it for me, but I can appreciate the effort Vera put into it. This isn't some clumsily made trashy designer label offering. It's a refined, complex, adult fragrance, with yuzu! and leather! and *gasp* - tobacco! What better ingredients to parlay into a "masculine" cologne?

Frankly I'm surprised IFF produced this not-too-subtle monstrosity. It just smells bad. Sorry, but I can't say enough bad things about it. Can't really wear it, which pains me because the class factor is all over the packaging and the bottle, plus who doesn't want to say they're wearing Vera Wang? But I'm not sure if it's the mix of yuzu and anise (weird combo anyone?) or maybe the perfumer's interpretation of what tobacco is supposed to smell like on your skin . . . somewhere in this workup the whole thing goes awry.

Better off wearing something by Ralph Lauren if you're interested in leather and tobacco . . . the original Chaps. But skip this.
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This is a very classy fragrance with a bit of a mysterious and seductive edge. It opens with a lot of citrus and a little bit of green notes but settles down into a boozy sandalwood. At first it seems linear but reveals much complexity as it reacts with the skin. Certain types of women seem to be drawn to it. The plastic ones won't even notice but those with spirit and depth are intrigued.

My only complaint is that the silage is a little weak and it doesn't last as long as I would like. I find that layered with a good sandalwood shaving soap and the Vera Wang aftershave, it seems to do the trick and hang around. I would recommend this scent for evening wear. Its great for close conversations in a dimly lit environment. With that said...no one go out and get it...I like that I don't seem to smell it around every corner. :wink2:
I have a co-worker that received this a a gift from his wife. It smells great on him. I've tried it and I don't believe it smells as nice on me. I guess my chemistry is a little different.

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