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Vanilla Eucalyptus Mint

Pros: scent, performance
Cons: little pricey
This is one of the best performing soaps out there. The only thing I can compare it to in my experience is RazoRock, being essentially tied. RazoRock beats it only in price.

The performance, as I said, is great. Lots of easy lather, and slickness accompanied by cushion. Pretty hard to beat.

The scent is a little odd. Smells very much like toothpaste, only less medicinal and more like pastry filling (likely due to the vanilla). Might weird a few people out, but I like it.

Only gripe with this is the price. As much as I love this soap, RazoRock provides much the same quality for slightly less money.

That being said, I totally recommend you try this. A great soap and a well-deserved nine out of ten.
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