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Usher After Shave Soother

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"Experience the immediate sensuality of a signature woody fragrance warmed by spices of nutmeg and exotic saffron. Constructed around a rich suede note, fresh clean bergamot, tangerine and kumquat, USHER VIP exudes the confidence of a gentleman at ease in his own skin. You'll finish your shave on the right note with this lightweight gel emulsion that helps condition your skin with rich shea butter and refreshing aloe."

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Pros: Smells incredible and modern. Works great.
Cons: Pricey and in small tubes.
Price: You can buy a small tube for about $10 but it's best to wait til after the holiday season and buy gift sets to where you can get the cologne, body wash, and soother for the about $10

Quality: It's creamy and works as advertised but since the tube is small I use it on special occasions in contrast with the cologne.

Fights Razor Burn: Works great to relieve bumps and redness and last a hours even when sweating.

Cooling Sensation: Uses aloe as it's main soother and is great.

Scent: The scent is the crown jewel here. It's very modern and lasts.

Efficacy: Works as advertised with no complications.

Moisturizing: Uses Shea Butter. It's a creamy product and moisturizes with quality.

No Alcohol Burn: N/A Contains no Alcohol.
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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