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Ultra-Max Ultimate Classic

At £0.74 ($1.4), one can't expect much from this cream. However, for it's price the cream isn't that bad. I bought mine from Boyz in UK.

Packaging: Comes in a simple plastic tube. Doesn't have a list of intgredients, etc - so you have little idea whats actually in it.

Latherability: One can get a lather easy enough, however the lather isn't that good. It's airy and light - and dries easily.

Efficacy/Moistorising Properties: it's supposed to have Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and tea Tree Oil. I have to say it's not bad - I managed to get a very good shave with this. In terms of moistorising, it's nither good nor bad - average. Nothing special.

Scent: has a faint deoderant-like fragrance, caused me no problems. The scent goes after 5 minutes.

I have to say that for the price, this shaving cream is not bad at all. It's no luxury cream like the 3 T's, however it does what it says on the tube.

I would recommend that, if you are in the UK, you get the Boots Cool Cologne cream instead - it's dirt cheap at £0.84 and quite good.
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