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Ubersuave Adjustable Eco-Razor

Pros: 🪒
• Long Handle
• Brass Handle - Good heft
• TTO - Easy Blade Loading
• User-friendly
• Matte-black coating durable
• Good grip
Cons: 🪒
◦ Sticky bottom knob
◦ Silo doors easily tarnished
◦ Identical/Clone to YINTAL razors
I bought this razor to show support to a local establishment. Later found that YINTAL from Aliexpress sells identical razors (without logo embossed) that are sometimes cheaper. didn't buy the latter so would not compare shave quality. The razor feels pretty mild. Its lack of drainage openings looks to be prone to clogging, however, I can't say I've noticed, both due to the little blade feel and my lack of experience. This razor has a very long handle, allowing for more reach. It also has excellent grip probably due to the combination of knurling and coating.

I must say the build can be improved though. At times, the knob can appear to be stuck and require some force to turn. This is especially worrying when it is fully closed and you're unsure which direction to turn it. The silo doors of my razor developed a mild patina just after a few uses.
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User Friendly
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Ease of Blade Replacement
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