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Ubersuave Adjustable Eco-Razor

Flagship adjustable safety razor sold by SGPomades/Ubersuave

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Description by SGPomades:
  • A Genuine Eco-Razor Safety Razor Product!
  • Perfect for new and experienced safety razor users alike - You select how aggressive to make the blade exposure!
  • Two-Piece Adjustable Safety Razor to ensure precise Blade Alignment
  • Snap/Lock blade holder along with inserts to ensure secure blade insertion.
  • Butterfly Door Opening Mechanism for Ease of Blade Replacement!
  • Easy Blade Replacement - Works with all Standard Double Edge Razor Blades
  • Solid Brass Frame for Durability and Rust resistance!
  • 5x Double Edge Razor Blades included!

The Eco-Razor 210B/301G is a classic with a twist! Literally with a twist for its adjustable razor head. The razor is all metal - genuine brass frame with matte-black/rose-gold plating. This razor's handle gives you the assurance and firmness one need for a clean shave, thanks to its boxy pattern of its handle, coupled with its weight. This shaver would provide a premium sensation. Each stroke of this razor would translate to an incredibly smooth shave when coupled with the Derby Extra Razor blades.

Adjustable Settings: Multiple settings to adjust the blade angle with a dial at the bottom with settings from 1 - MAX, 1 being the mildest and MAX, the most aggressive. These customizable settings accommodate personal preference, differences in facial hair thickness, skin type and experience level.

The Eco-Razor 210B/301G weighs 3.8 ounces and is perfect for both new and expert wet shavers!. We believe this razor will rival any on the market for shave closeness and comfort - even those costing much more.

The head on this razor has been designed to angle the blade for a smooth and comfortable shave. Don't let the beautiful looks of this razor fool you. It is meant to shave with and it will reward you with a barbershop shave every time!

ECO-Razor series takes on a mission to offer a 'Green' alternative to your shaving routine.
It is more ECO-nomical and also ECO-logical to the environment as compared to Cartridge Razors and Electric Shavers.
The safety razor is a full metal construction that is very durable and can possibly last you an entire lifetime with low maintenance.
Although it could cost more upfront , refill blades are much cheaper and completely recyclable.
If used correctly , these are also heralded as the best way to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs due to its design and ability to give a close shave.






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Pros: 🪒
• Long Handle
• Brass Handle - Good heft
• TTO - Easy Blade Loading
• User-friendly
• Matte-black coating durable
• Good grip
Cons: 🪒
◦ Sticky bottom knob
◦ Silo doors easily tarnished
◦ Identical/Clone to YINTAL razors
I bought this razor to show support to a local establishment. Later found that YINTAL from Aliexpress sells identical razors (without logo embossed) that are sometimes cheaper. didn't buy the latter so would not compare shave quality. The razor feels pretty mild. Its lack of drainage openings looks to be prone to clogging, however, I can't say I've noticed, both due to the little blade feel and my lack of experience. This razor has a very long handle, allowing for more reach. It also has excellent grip probably due to the combination of knurling and coating.

I must say the build can be improved though. At times, the knob can appear to be stuck and require some force to turn. This is especially worrying when it is fully closed and you're unsure which direction to turn it. The silo doors of my razor developed a mild patina just after a few uses.
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User Friendly
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Ease of Blade Replacement
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