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Tuscany per Uomo by Aramis

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Tuscany is one of the best fragrances by Aramis, and unlike some of their other top quality colognes, they haven't discontinued this one yet! In contrast to some of my other favorite colognes, this one is pretty easy to find retail.

Price is reasonable, at around $35 for 1.7 oz. I consider that to be an average price for a decent quality fragrance.

The quality is excellent as with all the Aramis colognes I've tried. They are good value for the money.

The packaging is staid and solid. Nothing frilly or cutting edge, but nicely done and functional. Clear rectangular glass bottle, with chrome cap. No issues with the atomizer, it functions without flaw.

The scent is fairly linear, not too complex. Starts off lemony and herbal, but quickly gets down to the spices, sandalwood, patchoulli and hint of leather and powder that are the heart of this scent. It is an interesting blend of dark notes balanced by sunshine.

As I said, its not too complex. Definitely not a single note fragrance, but once the top notes get out of the way it pretty much stays constant. The notes are well blended, so that nothing really overpowers.

The potency of this cologne is slightly above average in my book. Its a 4 spritz frag for me, with 3-4 spritzes being about average in my book. Sillage is not great. It hangs within about a foot of your skin. Lasting power is probably in the range of 7-8 hours.

Overall, its a classy, heady, and refined scent. Very masculine without being sweet or soapy. It would be at home in a suit, for an evening out. It might be a tad bit too romantic for business wear, but I've worn it to work without any problems. Definitely has an appeal to the feminine set, especially in colder weather. At the price, one could definitely do worse.

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This is a quality, enjoyable fragrance in moderation but can be cloying if over-applied. It starts with a blast of lemon and dries down to a classic dry green scent with some citrus notes lingering as well. It is a little too linear and can get a little irritating after a while, but this is minimized if one does not exceed two sprays.

A perfect spring fragrance in my opinion. It smells like fresh cut grass and lemons to me. It can be a little strong in the summer heat but still makes a nice choice for summer evenings as well.
i have used this for 25 years on and off.
very strong and long lasting ,however does not suit everyone.
a classic .
i tried tuscany in 1985 and i still cant figure out the scent

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