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Tosuke Japanese Straight Razor....

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The presentation of this razor is truly first rate, and is packaged in a handsome custom, handmade wood box.......






Better angle to see Japanese writing, also notice this side of the blade is hollow ground....

Interesting "wedge" side of the blade...

Rubber Handle....

Notice something odd? See 2 different grains of steel? Notice the line 4/5 of the way up the blade? Odd eh? It's actually 2 different steels, the steel for the handle is fused to a super high-carbon content steel which allows for a rigid razor that takes a SCARY sharp edge...

God these little honeys are fun! Not only do they look incredibly odd (Just piece of sharpened steel) but shaving with them is quite a bit different than standard straight razor technique. Don't get me wrong, if you are a straight razor veteran, moving to the Japanese style razor shouldn't be too much of a problem, but it'll feel weird. If you are new to straight razors and are just learning.... be very careful - cause these beasts are WICKEDLY sharp, and due to the blade profile (one side hollow, one side a wedge) this thing can cause some major damage if you make an error.... these things are not for the faint of heart. Once properly honed, they will take an edge as good, or BETTER than ANY razor, I don't care how much they cost, or who makes 'em, these things take arguably the finest edge on a razor I have experienced. I liked it so much I got one in ZDP steel.

Quality - while the 2 steels welded together may have a different "appearance" the QUALITY of the razor and the craftsmanship are astounding. The skill with which this razor is HAND hammer forged by ONE gentleman (start to finish) is simply marvelous. The man who makes these is quite sick (I hear he is in his late 90's and has been making razors since he was 15... so he's got more experience making straight razors than any other man alive) and is not currently making razors anymore, so these things may be quite hard to come by. If you can find one though.... buy it. They're really exceptional, but they can be a little tricky to hone. The rubber grip might appear "cheap" at first, but put it in your hand and you IMMEDIATELY understand.... amazing grip - wt, dry, slippery hand, whatever the condition, that sucker is stuck to your hand like glue.

Shave quality - top of the top. I've used a lot of razors... and I own a lot of razors... and I can't think of one I own, or have owned that I'd say provides a closer shave than this razor.... really, they are tremendously effective implements. The shape and blade profile make for a marvelously maneuverable straight razor, able to squeegee off hairs at any location on your face, using any angle desired. Also, due to the unique hollow/wedge blade profile, this thing can handle anything from light beards, to steel wool tough beards, with sensitive skin.

Really a superlative razor that leaves little to be desired. :thumbup:



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just curious what these razors are worth?... i though i saw them on ebay a while back for around 100$.. BUT NOW THEY ARE LIKE 250$?

Jester;718136 said:
Where might one find one of these razors? I've been looking around and can't seem to find them. Any ideas? Thanks!

I was fortunate enough to obtain one of these, although mine did not come with the fancy presentation box, one word of warning and in Joel's pictures you can see it they have a spiked tip on an angle it doesn't look like much but that point has gotten me a few times.

I regularly shave with a straight and almost never cut myself but with this I have done some major damage thanks to the point catching me and it is so sharp I never felt it. I only use mine about once a month so I am sure if I practiced with it as I have the other straights I could avoid the cuts as well.

The shaves do take a little longer using one of these versus a regular straight as the blade itself is smaller and of course using extra caution but as Joel mentioned they take a wicked sharp edge and will reward you with a great shave if you are careful.
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