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Around 16£ (24€/30$) per bottle of 100ml is quite cheap.

You may not get the highest quality ingredients as in higher-prized products, but it's a great composition, you get a presentable bottle, nicely packaged so the overall quality is really good.

You get a stiff, traditional looking cardboard-box with a nice bottle inside. Can't complain about it.

I'm no good at describing scents but it's definitely a warm, woody fragrance with hints of spices and citrus. Very masculine and manly, but lovely and soft at the same time.
Perfect as a part of your everyday rotation and very suitable for nearly every occasion, both formal and informal.

Here's the description Taylor gives:
For generations, discriminating gentlemen have selected this crisp and spicy fragrance in which Tarragon, Lavender and Incense combine with hints of Green Galbanum and Citrus for an elegant manly scent and a warm, woody drydown with traces of Cedar, Sandal, Patchouli and Musk.

After the spices settle down it's very straightforward to my nose, warm and woody but with many slightly different elements. Very nice.

Staying Power
The only downside to it. On me it's gone in about 7-8 hours, so I have to re-apply it after lunch. But as it's a splash-bottle, I have yet to try it from an atomizer.

Quality of Atomizer
There's none as it's a splash-bottle.

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Nowhere for me to buy this but online, so took a punt. And what a good one it was.

This is a great scent. It starts off smelling of fresh zingy cloves, pepper or cinnamon, depending on your nose, and settles down to a soft, musky cedary smell.

But shortly after that, on me it's gone.

I like it so much though, I've just taken to throwing plenty on and hoping it'll stick longer. It's not overpowering at all, so I think you can get away with that.

It's subtle, complex, fresh and very male - in comparison to anything I've tried in stores, which all seem to be ladylike flower bombs of various potency.
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I bought this based on the comparisons to T&H Grafton and I was not disappointed. While it's certainly not exactly the same, the similarities are there. This has a bit more of a peppery scent that dries down to woody goodness, although I still get little hits of the peppery top notes throughout the day. I agree with the other posts that it's staying power is not great, but I've found it's a simple case of splashing more on to keep it staying longer.
If you're planning on buying this cologne to match the scent of the Mr. Taylor Shaving Cream....DON'T (make the same mistake i did). It smells absolutely NOTHING like the cream. :thumbdown I mean it's a completely different fragrance that's added to the cream. This stuff smells much more like the Eton College line of TOBS products. If you want that Mr. Taylor SC scent, go with Truefitt & Hill "Grafton" cologne. It is DEAD ON and an amazing scent. My Girlfriend DROOLS over it too.

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