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Titan 1918 ACRO T.H.70

Pros: Fair value for money with acceptable finish
A hard steel that keeps its edge well.
Bevel appears to be properly set as received.
Cons: Finish could be better for the price.
Not shave ready to my standard (normal)
The blade is made from Japanese ACRO stainless steel in Taiwan by Titan 1918 with the following particulars:

Edge Length = 68mm (2.68")
Blade width = 20mm (6/8)
Grind = Full hollow (almost)
Tip = Dutch (round)
Mass = 72g (2.5oz)
Smile = 1mm (0.04")
Jimps = underside of shank only
Balance = 5mm (0.20") from pivot pin away from blade when opened 180deg.
Spine thickness = 5.9mm (0.23")
Bevel angle = 19.2deg
Scales = Ebony timber with brass end cap at wedge pin
Wedge = parallel stainless steel
Pins = brass
Scales thickness = 15mm (0.59") max near pivot pin
Overall length = 158mm (6.3") closed and 240mm (9.6") open 180deg.
Overall height = 23mm (0.9") closed

As is usual with most factory produced edges, the edge of this blade is not really "shave ready" although it well shave arm hair as received. You will need to at least progress through your preferred honing system to achieve that dragon edge.

Being a ACRO type stainless steel, the blade of this razor is noticeably more corrosion resistant than normal plain high carbon steel blades. This blade is also noticeably harder than most others at about 69 RHC.

The blade face markings read:


Tang markings read:

1918 T.W


This straight razor was supplied in a Mahogany stained timber box of not great quality and a 61mm (2.4") wide dual calf-hide and denim strop. There was also some lapping paste included.


The blade is well centred in the scales.

The blade is fitted with a washer either side at the pivot pin.

Overall, I find this Titan 1918 ACRO straight razor not much better quality than their VG10-HZ razor, although this one costs about 85% more. My preference would be for the Titan VG10-HZ razor. If you want a lighter razor than the VG10-HZ with all timber scales, harder steel and slightly greater corrosion resistance, consider this Titan ACRO razor.

Available on AliExpress for under USD 75 (in March 2020) and other on-line sites for more.
4.00 star(s)
Lasting Edge
5.00 star(s)
3.00 star(s)
Easy to Sharpen
3.00 star(s)
Easy to Maintain
5.00 star(s)
Shaving Smoothness
2.00 star(s)
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Well, its been three weeks now and I have been using and pasted-balsa stropping this blade every second day. It has improved. Almost up their with my best edge. In another week or two it should be there.
This blade has reached and exceeded my shave-ready standard. Now it only gets 50 laps on a 0.1u hanging balsa strop after each shave.

This Titan ACRO straight razor has become one of my best. Is it worth the price difference over their VG10-HZ razor? In my opinion, still no but getting much closer.
Cost on AliExpress now (April 2021) is about USD 110. Ouch!
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