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Timeless SS SB .68 DE Razor

Timeless SS .68 DE Razor

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I have had this razor for three years now. I purchased the solid bar stainless steel version with the .68 gap. The razor feels substantial and my configuration weighs 147 grams. The workmanship is flawless. Now to the shave from it. First, the balance of the razor is perfect for me. It fits in my hand perfectly and the design of the handle is such that there is no issue with it slipping even with wet fingers. Second, the razor at the .68 cap is classified as mild. I find it very forgiving but at the same time for me, it is very efficient. I consistently get BBS shaves with absolutely no irritation. I have a number of razors and this one is my favorite. Considering its price and in contrast to other high-end
stainless steel razors, I find it to be an excellent buy.

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Pros: Quality build
Cons: Price
One of my favorite razors. It handles heavy growth and light stubble easily. It is exquisitely designed and perfectly balanced. It is worth the price, to me. But it might be cost prohibitive to some. I have the .95 SB as well, but find myself reaching for the .68 the most.
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