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Thymes Eucalyptus cologne

Price: Comparable to other sizes for the same price...1.8oz for $32 from the manufacturer. Yardley's is cheaper, but the department-store varieties are in this range and usually more expensive depending on the brand.

Quality: good ingredients, lasts long, and it doesn't have that annoying base that so many department-store colognes have nowadays.

Packaging: cool box and bottle. My box had a sample of the body lotion in there with the cologne. The bottle itself is thick glass. Simple labeling, very refreshing to go with the scent.

Scent: like clean linen, with a dash of citrus & something floral.

Complexity: I rated this the lowest because it isn't a very complex scent, but the low rating isn't a negative thing. I don't like scents that are too busy.

Staying power: I still smell the stuff when I change clothes in the evening. Nice.

Quality of atomizer: gives a good quality spritz when fully pressed, but touch-up spritzes (for light days) are somewhat difficult. I've seen much worse, though.
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