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Thomas O'Brien shaving bowl

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This was my find of the week. I've been searching some of the department stores looking for a new bowl that would work with my larger brushes. I found this in my local Target in the dinner ware section. I've used the bowl for a week now and it works just fine.

Price. $3.99 is pretty hard to beat. I bought two. I couldn't force myself to spend $40 for the hand made bowls.

Quality. Made in China but it looks well made to me. No flaws.

Performance. Size matters. It has a 4 inch diameter at the top, 2 1/2 inch base and 2 1/4 inches tall. The brush in the photo is a 26mm Rooney with Heritage Silvertip. It fits great. Even though the bowl has slightly raised rings up and down the inside and outside of the bowl, I don't think it will help too much to bring up a quick lather. What I like is it's still pretty wide at the bottom of the bowl.

Usefulness. I have been using different cups, mugs and bowls. This is the best size for me.

Durability. It should last a lifetime if you don't drop it on a ceramic tile floor.

Packaging. N/A. These are just stacked without packaging on shelves next to the soup bowls and dinner dishes. Of interest though they are available in different colors, dark blue and brown as I recall.

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This is weird... I spotted this bowl at my local Target about a week ago and immediately thought "shaving bowl" even though it was in the kitchen section.

I have been using it every day! It has a nice unobtrusive appearance, it is light and fits perfectly in my palm, and the inner surface is mildly ridgy which may help build the later a bit.

I think it's really funny that other people here had the same idea when they saw this "dipping sauce" bowl, but I think it goes to show that this little bowl seems to be perfect for an inexpensive shaving bowl.
Thanks guys for the tip, I just got a blue one at my local Target and I love it! I gave it a zero for packaging as Target had it open stock with the white ones.
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