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The ultimate Scuttle? SW XL.

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After reading everything written about Scuttles on B&B and another fine board I contacted Schwarzweisskeramik.de in Germany for a possible purchase. I really wanted the Schwarzweisskeramik XL Scuttle in black and white. I wanted a very large scuttle because I use a Simpson Chubby 3 in Super most of the time, and I loved the design of the SW very much.

So I got a fast and postive answer from Mr. Ansgar, yes we got the Scuttle you want:thumbup: So I went for it, and a week later I got a large package in the mail. The SW XL was just fantastic, and I think that the 89 Euros including postage I paid was almost cheap for a totally handmade Scuttle with a superb finish. I have read that the SW XL is called a "Tank", and it is the Scuttle version of one for sure. It`s weight was 1240 grammes empty and 2 kilos excatly filled with water.

I had a beautiful Georgetown 4 as my first Scuttle, but I was never impressed with the performance of the GT. I want warm lather, and the GT had problems delivering just that. The water reservoir of the GT was only 0,15 litre. Filling my new SW XL, it seemed like it would never be filled up. I got 0,8 litres in it, over 5 times more water than the GT would take. The difference in delivering hot lather to my waiting face was huge. If you pre-warm the SW XL in hot tap water for a few minutes brushing your teeth or whatever and then refill with the hottest tap water you will get hot lather for quite a few minutes and warm lather for a full 20 minute shave.

The lather bowl of the SW XL is huge, no problem swinging the animal Chubby 3 without hitting the sides. It is easy to get a perfect lather also, the lather bowl is designed to make up lather easily. A nice extra with the SW XL is the "brush basin" were you fill hot water into the Scuttle. This "basin" is suitable to wet the tip of the hairs on your brush so you easily can change the water content in your lather.

You can see the large size of the SW XL beside my GT 4. Even if very large it is easily manouvered. With the 4 finger handle I carry it around without problems even when filled.

The overall performance of my new Scuttle from Schwarzweisskeramik is superb, compared to my old Georgetown 4 it is like a Porche Turbo running against a T-Ford. I think it is really beautiful, every person entering my bathroom ask me what the "ducklike" thing is, and I have a new favorite regarding shaving items:001_smile This is actually a piece of art in my eyes, a totally handmade beauty made by a pottery artist in Germany!


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This is my second scuttle. It was going to be my first, but I was a little scared off by the price and my expectations of a longer delivery time. So I bought a G5 instead. To make a long story short, I never achieved the desired results with that scuttle and had resigned myself to a life of face lathering.Fast forward a few months and an unexpected (albeit small) financial gain, and I decided to gamble on this one. I contacted Ansgar, he replied immediately, and I had my new scuttle within a week or so.So how does it perform? Unbelievable. It's extra capacity allows the lather to stay warm longer. This means that you don't have to overcompensate by overheating the scuttle which leads to lather breakdown. It is also very deep, which allows you to create enough lather to last 3-4 passes with enough leftover to paint your kitchen. I could not be happier. Besides Super Iridiums, it is the single best shave product I have purchased so far.
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Just went to the site.

WOW, this guy knows how to make some shaving stuff! Awesome-looking and obviously functional.
Thx for the review - that determines it! I am going to order one of these babyes come monday.
Man I cant wait!! :w00t:

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