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The Shave Den (TSD) Sweetgrass Shave Cream

Price: Competitive but not the cheapest. Not a bad thing though

Quality: This is a first rate cream. From the great scent to the slickness and latherability it provides me with a wonderful shave.

Scent: One of my favorite scents because it is strong with cinnamon smell and I love cinnamon.

Latherability: Great thick and rich lather but does dry out in the mug if I let it sit a bit while I do my oil/touch up pass on my face before moving onto my head. But a bit of water and some brush swirling fixes things.

Efficacy: TSD Sweetgrass does the job very well. Great lather, scent and slickness. All at a decent price.

Moisturizing properties: Ugh, it does not dry out my face.

Packaging: Not the most beautiful jar but who cares. I don't shave with the jar and the jar sits in my fridge and not on a shelf for display. Could be a bigger jar of cream though.
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Moisturizing Properties
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