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The Shave Den (TSD) Signature Shave Cream

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Price: A good average price for some fine shave cream. Not at all expensive like the T&H that i want to buy someday.

Quality: No doubt about it this one compares to the 3 Ts in many ways in terms of quality.

Scent: Very strong Bay Rum scent. It over powers the Bergamot scent. Not really something that I expected or liked that well.

Latherability: There is no doubt that this cream makes a lush and full bodied cream with ease.

Effiacy: I provides a great slickness as well as irritation free lather. But with the scent problems described about it lets the entire shave down.

Moisturizing Properties: I don't expect much moisturizing from my shave cream. I want it to make a nice slick and protective lather for me.

Packaging: Not the worst yet not the best. Just nice enough to be attractive. Understandable since choice of containers are slim for small cream makers like TSD.

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wilsonent;864257 said:
I am not sure if I got a bad batch of samples, or if I am just totally inept, but I could not get this product to lather after getting samples from TSD. I love being able to get the numerous samples, but my experience with TSD products is terrible. Lucky to get one pass from any of their creams. The cedarwood never lathered. Just wandering if anyone else had similar problems or not. Scent is good, but very, I mean very, subtle.
The same thing happened to me too! I practically got a wrist cramp from whipping it and the consistency was still thin. Plus it kept absorbing into the brush and disappearing. I had to keep squeezing it out of the brush. I think you're right, a bad batch. Especially considering the other good reviews it's received.
Like wilsonent, I had a pretty disappointing experience with a TSD sample this morning. I'll try again tomorrow, but I couldn't get the cream to produce a decent lather. I tried adding more cream, adding more water, whipping like crazy and all I could get was a thin, bubbly, dry substance that did not help the shave at all. Bad batch?
I've been using this cream for a few months now and I must say that I enjoy it a little more every day. Initially, I didn't care for the scent, but it has grown on me. It sort of like a mild noxema scent.

It lathers like crazy and provides a wonderful cushion for your blade. When I'm done with my shave, my face is smooth and moisturized.

Overall, for about $10 delivered, I get a huge tub of cream that gives me a nicer shave than anything I got from the "Three T's".

TSD has so many scents to choose from that I may not buy this particular one again, but rest assured, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy another TSD cream.
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