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The Shave Den (TSD) Bamboo & Teak Shave Cream

Price: Good competitive price. You get more quality than what you pay for. I rated the price higher on this one because I like it so much that it would be cheap at twice the price. (Don't get any ideas Queen JoAnna! :001_smile)

Quality: A top notch cream that even the 3 Ts can't touch. It combines the great quality of latherability, slickness, protection for your skin along with a great and different scent.

Scent: This one is indeed a different scent. One that I love and so does my wife. Just wish Queen JoAnna would make an EDT in this flavor.

Latherability: Absolutely great lather. Thick and rich and provides a slickness like the big boys. Helps prevent irritation as well.

Efficacy: This cream does indeed help get the shaving job done. It does it while providing a wonderful olfactory high.

Moisturizing Properties: Not a concern as long as it does not dry out my skin. That is does not do.

Packaging: Not the best, not the greatest. Just gets the job done.
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Moisturizing Properties
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