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"The" Powerhouse Legend

When I discovered Basenotes, I was reminded often in threads of the trend in the 1980s for male "power" frags. Maculine scents that projected like crazy with heavy duty sillage.

Van Clef and Arpels Pour Homme is one of the Holy Grail scents for lovers of that vein of EdTs.

This juice is similar to Antaeus, but stronger and sweeter in my view.

Opening Notes: basil, bergamot, green notes, juniper berries, marjoram, thyme and lavender.
Middle Notes: Guaiac, patchouli and vetiver, tender floral and sensual spices
Base Notes: amber, castoreum, smoky incense, dark leather, oak moss and musk

The opening is bit generic, like a lot of 80s scents. When you get to the heart and basenotes, it springs to life. This is manly stuff, and you don't have to hit the spritzer hard to become over powering with this juice. Look at that blend in the basenotes.

The first time I wore it, I went out to the store. When I returned 30 minutes later, I wondered who the heck that smelled so good had been riding the elevator...then realized that was sillage from me lurking in there until I returned. I fell in love with it right then.

I have since dialed the dose back a bit, but it's still a strong scent.
It's a very manly and some say intimidating frag.

Though there is leather in the base, I don't consider it a leather scent in the same way as Royal English Leather or Knize 10. The note is there, but it's blended in there with all those other dark and heavy basenotes.

If you want to get your 80s freak on or love these kinds of heavy scents, this is a must sample. It can be found online pretty reasonably, and though it has been through a couple of reformulations, those in the know tell me it's still the nasty, intimidating beast it has always been.
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