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The bluebeards revenge

Pros: lather
I purchased this as Bluebeards revenge but I’m told it is now called Dreadnought in the US. It is supposed to have qualities to make your beard grow slower. I don’t know about that but I use it as a travel cream while on the road. It works equally well with a DE or multiblade. It only takes a little to go a long way. The container is large but if water is scare this cream still does the job.
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Moisturizing Properties
4.00 star(s)
Ok I'm gonna start off by saying it's surprising that this cream hasn't had a review posted on b and b before now but was start in front of the pc and thought, why not write a review as I am a total convert :001_tt1:.

So how does this cream shape up in my humble opinion?

Price = approx £14.00 TO £15.00 depending on where you buy it, however like with all creams you only need a small amount to generate a good lather so the price for me is reasonable, in fact very reasonable for what you get in return, which will be explained later on.

Quality = The quality of the product is superb, packaging is classy with a skull and crossbones on the top of the screw lid, labelling looks good and the quality of the cream inside initially to me looked a little runny but I understand that is how its supposed to be and generally looks a very upmarket product.

Scent = Difficult to describe, the advertising for bluebeards revenge class it as barbershop with a modern twist or words to that effect. In my opinion it does smell barbershop but its not overpowering and is quite pleasant to my nose, the scent stays in the lather and does not linger for too long once your shave is finished, making it ideal for when using aftershave and/or cologne.

Latherability = This cream just becomes pure lather, I've tried several different brushes, boar, Best badger, silvertip and also Synthetic (syntex) and all of them can whip this cream into an excellent lather quite easily and the lather goes on quickly and smoothly from the brush. The cream is very forgiving in terms of water and the lather also lasts a long while too.

Efficacy = The effect is brilliant, no matter what type of razor you are using, this stuff just softens facial hair like nothing else, whether you use a cartridge razor (I've used a gillette sensor when I've been in a hurry in the morning) a de razor (merkur 38c, ej89 l and a merkur 37c) or a straight (dovo best quality with black scales) the best part is there is virtually no razor burn with this stuff too, absolutely brilliant!

Moisturising = Again this stuff is very good, no need for an aftershave balm unless you feel the need, face feels excellent after a shave.

Packaging = Comes in a plastic screw lid pot, I would of preferred glass so that the pot could be recycled but generally the packaging is excellent. The pot comes in a blue box that just screams class.

There is also an added ingredient, called Decelerine. This is supposed to slow down beard growth, which is ideal for me as I have a very quick growing, coarse beard. This is my new go to cream and will be writing a review of the post shave balm that bluebeards do once payday arrives. If you haven't already got some of this stuff, go and order some now, you will not regret it.
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