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Tcheon Fung Sing Pura Crema da Barba Sandalo

Pros: prize quality thick slick stable lather glide protection
This Italian soft soap with a Chinese name is exclusively distributed by the Dutch vendor "Barbiere di Figaro". This soap is very, very good. It has cost me € 4.25 ($ 5.50) for 125 ml (4.2 oz). A very reasonable prize for a good soap, but a great prize for a soap this good. This is the sensitive version of the soap line, the "Ciotole Barbe Blu" and it contains sandalwood. Scent is very personal. I really like the sandalwood. I would give it a 9 if I could shave every day with this scent. But because of it's sweet character I rather not, so I gave it a solid 8. The lather it produces is very good; thick, slick with good glide and protection, remaining stable over time. Really easy and fast to lather up. Like any soft soap it should last you longer then liquid creams but not as long as triple milled soaps. Still, you don't need much to create a beautiful lather, using Marco's method of lathering. It leaves your skin feeling great and has notable moisturizing qualities. Overall quality is very good. It's prize/quality ratio is outstanding. Think Cella with a new flavor on steroids, but better... and cheaper. INGREDIENTS: aqua, stearic acid, cocos nucifera, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, parfum, potassium carbonate.
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