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Taylor S41 super

I bought a Taylor model S41 in super at their London store. The handle is a chubby made of an attractive grained "faux ivory" about 50 mm long and 40 mm at its widest. The knot is a denselu packed 28 mm diameter that extends 55 mm above the handle. The brush works up a very smooth, dense fine lather from Floris elite hard soap. It has a large capacity for both water and lather. The bristles are stiff and have a decent softness making for a pleasant lathering experience. In about 70 shaves, the brush has lost only about a dozen bristles. I have had the brush for about a year and rotate it with a Simpson PJ2 and PJ3 in best, Kent BK12, and a Muhle-Pinsel silvertip (a recent acquisition - so far very impressed). I would rate the Taylor slightly higher than the PJ3 best (I have not tried Simpson's super). If you like a fairly chunky brush with a large capacity and faily stiff bristles, the this one is well worth a try. It is also about 30% less expensive that the PJ3 best.
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