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Taylor of Old Bond Steet synthetic brush

Looking at the image of the brush described, we're talking about the imitation badger and not the synthetic one. The imitation badger contains Hogs Bristle, Nylon and fine hair in a mixture. Not completely vegan, but at least no badger was killed for it :smile:

I'm using this brush for over a year now and I'm very pleased with it. It feels really soft on the skin and lathering goes beyond my expectations for a non badger brush. Actually, I think this brush is better than a lot of badger hair brushes! It at least equals a good best badger grade in looks, feel and usability (latherability) in my opinion. Actually I think the quality lies between silver tip and best badger. Anyway, to round this up. This brush is really worth your attention and a try. You won't be dissapointed.

Also read: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=60544 for info on the composition of the imitation badger hairs Taylor of Old Bond Street uses in this brush.
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Taylor of Old Bond Street makes a synthetic brush. I think it's a fairly new addition to their range of brushes because I have read hardly anything about it. It's a lovely little brush, and it is my favourite of all synthetic brushes available right now. The model I have is the B16, which is the medium size, Taylor's has both smaller and larger models.


The other synthetic brushes all have picked one type of hair of a specific material with specific characteristics (thickness, springiness, softness and so on), this brush is very different, the whole knot is a mix of different fibres. The fibres range from very thin to rather thick, but that's not enough, the materials differ as well with some fibres rigid and some rubbery and elastic. The mix makes it unique among the synthetics, it feels the closest to a badger brush, and the mix also helps it retain water more than the other synthetics, and consequently also takes a bit longer to dry out.

The hairs are nice, and while not super soft like the softest synthetics, it's soft enough, and the hairs have a good amount of springiness. It might lend itself to making lather directly on the face, but I don't know I like my lathering bowl.

I could go on for a long time about this brush, but I'll make it short. The Taylor's brush gets a lot of things right. The tips are soft, the hairs are not too springy and not too floppy, and it makes nice lather. As far as I am concerned this brush has toppled the Men-U of its throne as the best synthetic brush out there.

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