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Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky

Pros: Very unique product
Cons: Difficult to get and expensive
I had a bottle labelled.
Cask no: 206
Barrel Aged: Port
Signed: William Lark
Bottled: 2010

From the bottle again:
A note on Barrels and Age Statements

Lark Whisky is matured in barrels carefully selected by our distiller. Originally used in the ageing of ultra premium Australian Port and Sherry, these casks are coopered into our signature 100lt ‘Quarter Cask’ barrels. This superior barrel surface to whisky proportion, combined with our mild winters and warm summers encourage a unique dynamic ageing, where the whisky spirit is encouraged to breathe in and out of the oak. These select alchemic elements unite to create a deep, rich and complete whisky in less time than commonly assumed possible. Our trophy cabinet, filled with many of the world’s most coveted awards, is confirmation enough for us – truly great whisky is ageless.

It is recommended to add a drop of water to develop the flavours of this whisky. At 43%, it lightens the strong alcohol and develops the peat flavour. I am not a fan of the smoky flavour but that’s me. Without any water, there’s a clear apple aroma and taste. This is a very good drink but, unfortunately expensive. The current issue with this brand is the quantity. When Lark decided to produce this Whisky, they did not know how if it would sell or not. Not to mention the storage over the years. As this is in a very limited quantity, the price is high. One of the distributors where I bought the bottle confirmed that Lark has a bigger production today so the price should go down and it should be more easily available. It is a very interesting product to try down under if you can afford it. This will not be a regular at my place but as a special occasion, maybe.
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