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Synthetic 26mm knot faux horn

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After using the Body shop synth I though I'd treat my self to a proper good synth for traveling. I'm glad I did as this baby is so soft. It's a 26mm knot from FS and comes with the faux horn chubby style handle. Totall heigh is around 115mm but it's a synth so drys in a few mins when on holiday. It looks good and generates a good lather with Arko and other soap stick. The price came in at around £24 inc delivery and a stand so not too bad. This brush is so good it's in my rotation at home. IF your after a synth and cant afford a Muhle or one of the other big names you should defo try a FS synth brush A

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Pros: price/confort/handle/beauty
Cons: no one
i bought this one at ebay, in a great day offer and 26$ cash.
after 34 days this arrived and is great the touch, leather,visual and handle perform.
whan we compare this product with some one that live at the same pattern, the price is very high than frank shave.
obviously e can not to compare this with a chubby, simpson 2 or 3, because the hair is diferent and the purpose here is "artificial hair".
great aquisition,great result and satisfaction.buy with eyes closed.
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