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Synergy Coconut Bay Butter Balm

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Synergy Coconut Bay Butter Balm Review
This balm from How To Grow A Moustache is marketed as a moisturizing pre/after shave, and it certainly delivers. Pre-shave oil is a controversial subject among traditional shavers, many use one everyday, while others scoff at the notion of any pre-shave treatment outside of a shower or face wash. Still others favor hot towels, and some swear by cold water shaving.

Let's assume for this review that you are considering a pre-shave oil. Often, these oils are difficult and or messy to apply. HTGAM has solved the application problem by whipping this oil into a butter-like state and packaging it in a shave stick applicator. To use this balm, I simply rubbed it lightly against the grain on my face, no need to rub my hands in it, unless I want to.

Another problem with oils is that they tend to kill lather, and this product is no exception. Instead of face lathering an oiled face, you could simply bowl or hand lather, then paint on your face over the oil. My solution is to face lather as usual for my first two passes, then apply the oil before my ATG pass. I then squeeze the lather out of my brush (HIS - a lather monster), and paint it on over the oil. This technique has worked great for me, allowing both the lather and oil to be at their best for the most important pass (for me). Consequently, I have seen fewer weepers and less burn as I learn how to use my Old Type. Obviously, ymmv, but it really works well for me.

The scent I chose was Coconut Bay - imagine bay rum with a strong coconut element. I find it delicious as a scent... It works very well with bay rum aftershave, for me Krampert's balances the sweetness of the balm. I've used the balm by itself as an aftershave, too, and it is very moisturizing and quite long lasting. I'm usually able to catch a whiff hours later after the scent dries down very nicely.

Scent: 9/10 sweet coconut bay rum, might be too sweet for some
Performance: 10/10 protects and moisturizes extremely well
Ease of use: 10/10 application is as clean an easy as a shave stick

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