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I have a 25mm Best Badger brush. It is a value in two ways: One, the price is reasonable as you compare it to other brushes of density & being a Best badger. Two, the handle is well balanced, easy to hold and has the right weight balance. I never thought a handle was that important but it makes a difference. I get a great lather, holds water and is great to lift my whiskers. I recommend this brush. The service is great. Tommydon :thumbup:
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I have been using the 25 mm Superior Brush for a couple of months now, and I think sufficient time has passed for me to break the brush in and do a review.
First things first, to date, this brush has only lost one hair. That for me is a significant selling point (given my initial run of bad luck with brushes.)
The main thing you will notice about these brushes, is their unique handles. Whilst kitchen counter top material may not sound like the most opulent choice for a shaving brush handle, it works very well. The handle is heavy and reassuringly solid, it really is built like a tank. The weight in the handle means that the brush is well balanced and comfortable to use. It just feels really good in your hand. Also, I should imagine that this handle is virtually bullet (and idiot) proof, you couldn't break it even if you wanted to. All of the brushes are custom made, so each handle is one of a kind, Superior Brushes will use any design that you want and for me, the brush was manufactured in a timely fashion.
The actual brush head is another good selling point. The combination of very thin, flexible bristles in a very densely packed knot works well. The bristles themselves are certainly the finest that I have seen, but the dense knot means that the brush works well. Testament to the density of the knot comes from the fact that this brush, with a 25mm knot, has bloomed less than my Kent which only has a 22m knot.
The bristles themselves are very soft, but the density means that the brush isn't at all floppy or moppish: whilst this brush probably wouldn't be a first choice for someone looking for an exceptionally "scrubby" brush, it strikes a very good balance between the two extremes that I would be perfectly happy to recommend this as an all purpose brush to anyone in the market for a new one.
As far as the creams vs soaps debate, I prefer this brush to use with creams as opposed to any kind of shaving soap.
This brush does lather very well, when you get the hang of it, but from time to time it still throws me the odd curveball as far as optimum cream to water ratios go. The density of the knot means that you can whip up an excellent lather in seconds, but sometimes it's as if the brush doesn't really want to give up the lather.
For anyone who is interested in acquiring a Superior, I would not hesitate to recommend the company. I dealt with Matt, and the customer service was excellent, he is a very communicative and helpful merchant and it was a pleasure to do business with him.
Overall, these are solid, very well made brushes that more people should try.
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