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Just taken delivery of 50 of these blades from Connaught, I had never used before so maybe a somewhat rash decision given the mixed reviews, as always opinions are as varied as the individuals reviewing. I use an EJ DE86 and have tried various blades with mixed results, most recently Feather have been my blade of choice. I am currently using Truefitt No.10 shave cream for reference. The Bolzano blades come in a simple cardboard box in packs of 5, they are meant to be an Italian brand although it states on the box they are made in Germany. I had two days growth on the face at first shave (I have quite a dark heavy stubble so this was a good test) and pleasingly the first shave was very comfortable and I would suggest as close as the Feather, I had achieved a nice smooth shave on 2 passes with no scrapes or tugs and no irritation, I have used the same blade now for three days and so far have not felt the need to change which suggests longevity may be superior to the Feathers which I would always change after three shaves. So far so good, I would score 8/10 sharpness, 8/10 for longevity, 8/10 smoothness.

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Pros: Consistency, sharpness, durability
Cons: None so far
Second week of use with Monday being the scrub clearance day of the week! smooth and comfortable with good results I have managed a close and comprehensive shave with almost one pass. I have quite a dark beard and angular face so if anyone is going to struggle it will be me! I have no experience with other razors but can confirm this is a good partner with an Edwin Jagger / Muhle closed comb head.
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