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Stylo (091K74) Butterscotch Brush

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The Mühle Stylo Silver Tip shaving brush is aptly named, for it focuses entirely on form and seemingly not at all on function. As part of the Stylo set—razor, brush, and stand—it excels in providing a coherent aesthetic to a beautiful trio. However, whereas the razor, which provides an excellent shave and the stand, which provides a balanced and secure storage, this brush falls short on all measures of functionality.

As a silver tip brush, it provides what one would expect, an exceptionally smooth and remarkably soft lathering experience if one prefers the painting approach as opposed to face lathering. However, given its dimensions, a mammoth 57mm loft supported by a mere 21mm knot, it’s no surprise that this is the brush they are talking about when brush aficionados complain about “floppiness.” To make matters worse, the handle seems to have been crafted by someone who never used a shaving brush before. Short and heavy, the handle is completely smooth with no curves to enable one to hang on when lathering. It won’t fit into even the shallowest bowl and the user ends up with lather on the handle and his fingers making for a slippery job. The handle’s considerable weight also provides a contrapuntal expectation to the knot’s lack of backbone. This brush simply doesn’t make sense. It is the very essence of form over function.

The Mühle Stylo set is beautiful, but it is expensive. The stand holds a brush that is supremely dissatisfying to use. It will generate a respectable lather and is quite pleasant in the application, but in creating the lather, the brush simply will not function in a way that makes the process pleasurable.

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