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Squadron Leader

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This original tobacco recipe epitomises the traditional English tobacco.

Blended dark and bright Virginias together with Latakia and Turkish leaf result in a perfect, medium-bodied product which gives a rich, slow burning smoke.

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A Leader indeed
Pros: The perfect tobacco for a busy mind
Cons: A poor companion for an idle mind
Squadron Leader is an old favourite of mine. It's the tobacco that I finally sussed pipe smoking with, about 8 years ago. Yet I come to write a review, and find I have little to say. Odd. So I pack a bowl of some I've had tucked away for a while, in a Mr Brog Chocla, and light up. After two minutes, I remember why it's a favourite, and also why I feel I have nothing to say.

To me this is the perfect English blend. All the elements are just enough, and not too much, and well behaved too. It doesn't demand attention. Nor does it hold it. There's just enough flavour to know the pipe is lit, and I'm smoking some fine tobacco. There's also, a steady trickle of nicotine, but beyond that, I notice very little. I light up, and my mind simply buggers off somewhere else for an hour.

It's a tobacco for planning, reminiscing, and problem solving. It drip feeds brain fuel, and off my mind goes, doing its thing. Not a blend to savour, but a blend to barely notice, until suddenly the bowl is done. However, without thoughts in mind that need processing, or a view of the world to watch drift by, the blend can become a little dull.

That's what I love about it, and what others may loathe. It's not captivating. On the contrary. It's freeing. If you want to focus on the pipe for an hour, pick something else. If you want a pleasant smoke while your mind roams free and puts the world in order, this blend is sublime.
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Pros: smokes well, widely available
Cons: not wife friendly
Of course, pipe tobaccos are very subjective...

Other would think it better, but heavy latakia blends aren't my favorite, and I have other latakia blends that I prefer.

That being said, this is a great example of an English blend. Needs a little drying out prior to smoking, comes very wet in the tin. But, once prepared it smokes well, tastes good and as it should.

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