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Simpson Chubby 1 in Super

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This review is for the 2 tone Super Badger bristles. Black Shafts with White tips. Not the same as the picture above. The two tones are much stiffer and work like a lather machine with soaps, but IMO aren't quite as nibble with creams. The brush is also a super scrubby little brush, for those who value stiffness, density and that scrubby feeling look no further.
The price is definately the low point for this brush. $175 for such a small brush is a lot of money, but the knot is well made and I have notice very, very little shedding.
The quality of the brush is very high with the standard Simpson exception of the label. :smile: To soften this little baby up, you can load her up with good quality conditioner and let her soak overnight and she'll bloom a little, but before I conducted this process on the brush, there was virtually no bloom after a couple of weeks of use.
This is the densest of my brushes, even beating out my Shavemac. It's so dense that on your final pass (possibly even before this) it is very beneficial to push some lather out of the core of the brush with your fingers and there will be a lot in there.
The stiffness and the density go hand in hand, as I have stated their is very little bloom to this brush and while there is some flex to the shafts, its not very giving and will yield a very scrubby lathering. An excellent exfoliator.
The tips are not very soft for a Super, but once again a good round of conditioner can help a lot.
The small handle is very ergonomic and rests very easily between the fingers and against the inside of the first knuckle, it's a very comfortable brush to hold and easy to hold firmly without any slipping if need be.
I gave the brush a latherablilty rating of 9 because I averaged an 8 for creams and a 10 for soaps. The cream often gets caught up in it, but I've never seen a soap lather as well with any other brush.
This brush is of good quality but pricey, there are also better brushes for creams, but if your stable is soaps and you like a scrubby brush, you may have found Valhalla.

Here's a link to the Discussion Thread, if you wish to discuss this brush.

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It's a great little brush and gets a lot of use in my den. The handle is on the small side, but not too small. The knot is the selling point for me on this brush. It's soft yet with substantial backbone and it's the perfect size. Does very well with both soaps and creams. Makes a nice dense lather. It's expensive for what it is but I love it and don't regret the purchase. The quality of build is impeccable and I'm sure it'll be around for decades to come...
My sole brush at home, cured my SBAD.
I use MWF exclusively & I face lather.
FWIW my CH-1 is fan shaped.
I just ordered this brush. After reading several reviews and finally finding this assessment, how could I not? I'm a soap user, but still very new to the wet shave. A few weeks into it and I'm still dealing with bad irritation. After starting out with a cheap amazon.com starter brush, I'm upgrading early. Thank you all for this incredible information on the site. Can't wait to report back on the brush.
Tim- also from Boston

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