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Silver Blue

Item Description

Gillette Silver Blue (Gillette SB)

This is a very common blade among the barbers in my country. This is indeed not a blade that I would use on a daily basis unless if I like automutilation and want steel scratching my face everyday.

Those who likes multiple passes will indeed love it as your one day stubble will take two days to appear as even if it is a very rough blade it is also super sharp (as compared to my lovely 7oclock sharp edge). Due to the fact that it is very rough then the 7oclock sharp edge wins the heart of several wet shavers.

Pros : Super sharp, you will get the closest shave for sure. I am confused about this blade when it’s time to compare its sharpness against the Feather blade. I feel the Gillette SB is indeed sharper than a Feather Blade (well this is my point of view).

Cons : Well very rough blade, the scratchy sound whilst wet shaving suggests its roughness but there is also the annoying fact that it is VERY VERY unforgiving. This blade is so unforgiving that it is the only one that will actually nick my face after years of experience.

For beginners out there, this shall be the last blade on your list unless you want to mutilate your face to fake an accident in order to win an insurance claim! (Yes! It is that rough).

It is good to note that the price would vary from country to country but if you have enough experience and love danger then this one will suit you adventurous lifestyle.

“Passing this blade next to your Adam’s apple reminds you that you are alive!”

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