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Savon Crème pour la barbe
Facilite la coupe
Tonifie et nourrit l'épiderme

Ensure a clean and easy shave
Tonic and nourishing for the skin

For a better shave

Allegro S.A.

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Pros: Tallow, Shave Stick, Nice shave stick holder
Cons: Discontinued, scent is now gone
I will be honest right away, this stick was offered to me as a gift. I did not pay anything for it and can only thank Wim for sending me this product. Regardless if the product was free or not, it's currently out of production (not made anymore). I will try to remain impartial to it. Keep in mind that this product could be difficult to secure as the quantities are limited. If you find the source, it won't be there for long. If you have an easy access to it for a cheap price (I would say less than $10) go for it. Other than that, you should search for another vintage soap to try if you are after a vintage soap.

It's not every day that you can review a vintage product, something that wasn't made for the last 25 years or so. I was not able to put a definitive date on this one but here's how it goes for the review.

The shave stick is extremely hard. I would compare it to the Derby shave stick in terms of hardness. The fact that it's been drying for at least a decade probably adds to the hardness of the product.

The scent did not change much while I used the product. Whatever scent was in there, it evaporated and is forever lost now. It's a real bummer with those vintage products. If it was possible to know the original scent, I would like to know it. I would say something floral (some say roses) and some something leather is in there. That's the scent I got from my shave brush after a month of usage. It's faint, it's not the main scent.

If you are looking at using the product for the scent, you will be disappointed.

The performance is like any Tallow soap I tried. The lather is rich and slick. I got no complaints on that side. In the end, it's good stuff if you are into vintage products. If you are looking for an everyday product, you should pass on this one.
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