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Shaving Soap (Swirl)

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This all natural, dye free shaving soap has been blended with Bentonite Clay AND Kaolin Clay for smooth razor gliding, without relying on skin irritating silicone.

Known for its therapeutic abilities, Bentonite Clay's ability to pull oils and toxins from the skin, makes it an excellent choice for oil and acne prone types, while Kaolin Clay soothes irritation.

Fits wonderfully in the palm of your hand, in any shave bowl or standard mug! (My mug pictured is not included.) Lather. Shave. Softy.

Includes both styles of swirls! Save one for travel or give it to someone you love. Hoarding is also acceptable...

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Pros: Great, quick lather; unique scents; natural
Cons: Light scent that goes away quickly
**Note that I use a Moss scuttle and a Men-U premium synthetic brush for building lather**

Quality - This is one of my top reasons for buying this soap. I know that Kylee (the owner) makes her products using the best natural ingredients out there and none of the "bad stuff" that you find in other soaps.

Scent - The scents available fall into general categories of bay rum, fresh, citrus, and flowers. I find them all to be quite good. The soap gets a ding here on rating because I do not find the scent strong enough, especially once I've gone through my first shaving pass.

Lather - Makes loads of slick and rich cream. In the bowl it is fairly thick and goes onto the face as a somewhat thin (but not limp) layer, which I prefer because it makes seeing where your razor is going easier. My only knock here is that getting the water-to-soap ratio just right seems to be a tight window, but once you get used to it you'll be fine.

Efficacy - Extremely effective: gets the whiskers soft, lets your razor glide through, and also does not clog it! One thing I've noticed with many shaving soaps is that passes after my first I typically get a bit of razor skip as my skin does not seem to want to get as slick as before. Creams I typically do not have this issue, but this is the only soap that does not that I have found.

Moisturizing - Perhaps tied to the above skipping problem with other soaps, I've found this soap to be very moisturizing in comparison. My skin feels extremely soft and supple after a shave.

If you throw out a non-lathering cream I use for days when I need a quicker shave, this has become my sole shaving soap I like it so much. I also appreciate the natural ingredients, homemade nature, and the owner's responsiveness and attentiveness to her customers and community.
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