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Shaving Soap for the Liberal Latherer

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When it comes to shaving soaps I tend to shy away. I have sensitive skin and have never reacted well to soaps. Even the famous Mitchell's Wool Fat shaving soap doesn't agree with my face. I subscribed to one of those boxes for a while. The ones that send you a mix of shaving supplies each month. One month I got this soap. I tried it, and wow! Every other soap I have tried, leaves my skin feeling dry afterwards. Some even felt dry during the shave (not good). But this soap is honestly worth a go. Smooth comfortable shave, allows easy glide with both DE safety razor, shavette, and straight razor. The fragrance is nice. It's not too strong, yet still pleasant enough. Lathers up really nicely and holds well on the face (no dripping or running off). If you prefer fragrance free soaps this isn't for you. I would maybe try a blacksmith soap (not all are fragrance free but always check first).

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