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Shaving Cream Grapefruit

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Perfect for tired, strained and tense skin. Refreshes and revives with a tangy touch. Manufactured with a high proportion of organic glycerin it provides the necessary moisture, finest rise bran oil ensures a comforting and smooth shave. Organic coconut oil helps to create a rich and creamy lather, additional vitamins, trace elements and minerals perfectly nourish the skin, providing it with everything it needs to stay soft and healthy.

All recipes for our Esbjerg line of natural cosmetics meet the criteria for natural cosmetics (Naturkosmetik) defined by the Austrian food codex.
All Esbjerg natural cosemtic products are dermatologically tested and are free of PEGs, mineral oils and silicones. They are free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, as well as treatment from radioactive irradiation. Esbjerg has neither performed, nor commissioned tests on animals.

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Pros: Fantastic lather, Good price, Moisturising
Cons: Scent not strong enough, Tub is a bit on the small side for loading brush
Upon opening the cream I got a nice smell of grapefruit, however when lathering the soap the smell is more subdued (smells like a milky grapefruit smell to me). I loaded the product heavily on my brush but it seemed to not put a dent in it. This looks like a cream that will last a long time as it has the consistency of TFS.

I loaded the wet brush and face lathered. This stuff is absolutely incredible, the resulting lather was slick and like yoghurt. Absolutely wonderful stuff, my shave was an absolute pleasure. I used a straight for my WTG and XTG and a DE for my ATG. This cream protected me decently given the fact that my technique was subpar (wanted to see how well this cream protected).

My face was soft and moisturised afterwards, similar to how it feels after MWF (although there is no lanolin in this cream). I had my girlfriend smell to see how it smells after the shave. Apparently my face smelled nicely of grapefruit but only extremely up close.
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Moisturizing Properties
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