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PEI, Prince Edward Island, Goat, Milk, Natural, Shaving soap, soap, cold process

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Pros: all natural ingredients
Cons: slightly thin lather
I first came across this soap on a trip to PEI, Canada a few years ago. I was going more to see their petting zoo than to buy their soap. After walking around the store and making a minor purchase, my wife and I took the kids to see the goats. After petting them I went looking for some hand sanitizer and came across an outdoor sink with a bar of their soap. I washed my hands, as did my wife and we walked back to the car. On my way back I couldn't help notice how nice this soap made my hands feel. This is not something I normally would take stock of and I looked over at my wife, who obviously was thinking the same thing as I was. We walked back in and bought over $100 worth of soap. Part of that order was a nice shaving mug with an unscented cake of shaving soap. This is a review of that soap.

The good:

These are the ingredients:
Saponified olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil, goat's milk, water, cosmetic clay and either Bayberry fragrance oil, Coconut and Vanilla fragrance oils, or Unscented

No crazy chemicals. No unpronounceable compounds. Just basic stuff.

It's a very slick soap, cut to a perfect and quite generous size. It's very moisturizing, almost like a glycerin soap. It's also quite slick.

The bad:

The lather doesn't linger long. It tends to thin out as you shave as well. It does lather up fast, and perhaps if I continued to try and build the lather things may be different, but I never need to spend more than about 30 seconds on my proraso, so I'm not about to spend more time with this one.


Can't beat the price, especially given the size of the cake you get. It's all natural, made from ingredients found on their property. It's very moisturizing- which I think is it's strongest aspect. Could provide a bit more cushion. The company seems to be very easy to deal with. I can't help but wonder if they would do a custom scent for you based on the scents of their other hand soaps?
Their shaving mugs which are designed to hold their soaps are gorgeous and well designed.
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